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Zhentara Martial Republic

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Author: Camulus and Fyron (other sets)
Game: SE4
Tags: warriors (1)
Version: 1.0
Date Added: July 14, 2005
Views: 5029
Download: available
Number of Portraits: 37

The Zhentara are a warrior race of draconic beings, bent on war and conquest.

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Race Portrait Mini Population Portrait
Population Portrait
Zhentara Martial Republic Main
Escort Stock
Escort Mini
Frigate Stock
Frigate Mini
Destroyer Stock
Destroyer Mini
Light Cruiser Stock
Light Cruiser Mini
Light Cruiser
Cruiser Stock
Cruiser Mini
Battle Cruiser Stock
Battle Cruiser Mini
Battle Cruiser
Battleship Stock
Battleship Mini
Dreadnought Stock
Dreadnought Mini
Light Carrier Stock
Light Carrier Mini
Light Carrier
Carrier Stock
Carrier Mini
Heavy Carrier Stock
Heavy Carrier Mini
Heavy Carrier
Small Transport Stock
Small Transport Mini
Small Transport
Medium Transport Stock
Medium Transport Mini
Medium Transport
Large Transport Stock
Large Transport Mini
Large Transport
Colony Ship Stock
Colony Ship Mini
Colony Ship
Fleet Stock
Fleet Mini
Space Station Stock
Space Station Mini
Space Station
Battle Station Stock
Battle Station Mini
Battle Station
Starbase Stock
Starbase Mini
Drone Stock
Drone Mini
Small Fighter Stock
Small Fighter Mini
Small Fighter
Medium Fighter Stock
Medium Fighter Mini
Medium Fighter
Large Fighter Stock
Large Fighter Mini
Large Fighter
Fighter Group Stock
Fighter Group Mini
Fighter Group
Mine Stock
Mine Mini
Mine Group Stock
Mine Group Mini
Mine Group
Satellite Stock
Satellite Mini
Satellite Group Stock
Satellite Group Mini
Satellite Group
Small Troop Stock
Small Troop Mini
Small Troop
Medium Troop Stock
Medium Troop Mini
Medium Troop
Large Troop Stock
Large Troop Mini
Large Troop
Small Weapon Platform Stock
Small Weapon Platform Mini
Small Weapon Platform
Medium Weapon Platform Stock
Medium Weapon Platform Mini
Medium Weapon Platform
Large Weapon Platform Stock
Large Weapon Platform Mini
Large Weapon Platform
Big Explosion
Big Explosion

Two separate races evolved on a single world, the Zhentara and the Tyran. The Zhentara are semi-draconic in nature. They are scaled, over 2.5 meters tall, and possess claws, horns and wings. It is rare to find two Zhentara with identical scale colorings, as they range all over the spectrum. However, Zhentara within the same bloodline have similar colorings. They have an average life span of over 300 terran years. The Tyran are mammalian, with an average life span of just under 80 terran years. They resemble a 1.8 meter tall cross between a gorilla and a Bengal tiger. They are massive, possess black or red fur (which can be striped or unstriped), and have gruesome fangs. The Tyrans outnumber the Zhentara nearly 100 to 1.

Zhentaran society is broken down into numerous houses, organized by bloodlines. Each house is ruled by the greatest warrior within the bloodline. Greatness is not solely determined by physical combat, but also by strategic and tactical prowess, amongst other factors. The houses constantly vie for power over one another. In the early days, open war was not uncommon, and many minor houses were wiped off the map, only to be replaced by new houses formed from the remaining splinters of destroyed houses. The Tyran are organized into tribal clans, also along bloodlines. Warfare in the pre-enslavement era was not uncommon between them either. The Tyran are enslaved by the Zhentara, and make up a lower level working class.

The houses are very loosely presided over by a Great Council, consisting of either the greatest or the second greatest warrior of the greatest houses (left to the discretion of each house). This Council initially had little real power, and could only cause action through force of will. However, over the years, its prestige slowly grew, and so did its influence over global policies. Gradually over the years, the existence of the Council caused houses to desire to annihilate each other less and less, for fear of losing their position in the Council. In recent times, the houses generally only fight smaller scale engagements, or damage each other through intrigue. The council is presided over by an Overlord, chosen from amongst the council. The position has little real authority, only able to attempt to control the flow of debate, though this is often not entirely successful. The Overlord is, however, given the responsibility of being the chief diplomat of the empire.

There is little in the way of courts amongst the empire. Disputes are often handled via personal combat between the disputers. Such combats tend not to be mortal, except in the most dire of circumstances. They are presided over by the ruler of the house, unless the two disputers are of different houses. If that is the case, then conflict is presided over by the Great Council.

Throughout recorded history, the two races constantly fought each other, each trying to gain dominance over the other. It is unknown why such racial enmity began in prehistoric eras, though it is theorized that each race had a sense of absolute superiority over the other. When they were not fighting each other, they were fighting themselves, either in house wars or wars between clans. Even though the Tyrans always outnumbered the Zhentara, the Zhentara possessed greater military discipline, not to mention the ability to fly. Overall, the wars stalemated for millennia. However, the Zhentara always managed to develop new technologies before the Tyrans. These technologies had traditionally only allowed the stalemate to continue in a stable pattern. Until, that is, the Zhentara developed the technologies necessary for an industrial revolution. With their new-found means to mass produce weapons of war, the Zhentara were able to overwhelm and conquer the Tyran tribes in a matter of decades.

Realizing that they could finally achieve one of their longest standing goals, a majority of the Zhentaran houses united temporarily. They completely subjugated the Tyrans, oppressing all rights. Many rebellions occurred, and they were put down bloodily and without compassion. No rebellions managed to be successful for more than a few months before they were crushed. Kirax, the patriarch of one of the largest houses of the time, realized what great potential his people had when united behind a common goal, rather than constantly sparring with one another. He managed to convince the great houses to form a Great Council, consisting of either the greatest or the second greatest warrior of each great house (left to the discretion of each house), to govern loosely over the empire. The Council had little real granted power, and could only cause action through force of will, provided it had gathered great support within itself for such action.

After centuries of enslavement, the Tyrans slowly began losing their will to resist. This was of course assisted by newly discovered knowledge about psychology, sociology, and related fields. The Zhentara slowly began poisoning the minds of the Tyran youth into accepting their enslavement, and even to welcome it as a necessary condition of their inferiority. True knowledge of history is strictly forbidden to the Tyrans. In recent times, rebellions are far and few between because most Tyrans believe that it is right for the Zhentara to dominate over them. Many even willingly serve in the armies of the Zhentara Empire. In his wisdom, Overlord Zyrkul has been influencing the people to look towards the stars to expand, lest they collapse on themselves in another great house war.

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