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Weapon Tricks

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 22, 2005 7:59 pm    Post subject: Weapon Tricks Reply with quote

1. How do mounts affect seeking weapons (i.e.: Capital Ship Missiles)?

Seeking weapon attributes are affected bizarrely by mounts. The component is affected by the mount normally, but the seekers themselves act as if they were unmounted. Attributes such as size, cost, hit points, and supplies used are affected by the mount. Attributes such as damage are not affected by the mount.

With range, it gets more interesting. The range that the seeker can be fired from is affected by the mount. However, the maximum range that the seeker can travel is not affected by the mount. If you have a seeker with max range 10 and apply a mount with +2 range, the seeker will be able to fire from range 12, but it will only be able to travel 10 squares before expiring.

2. Can I make seeking weapons have an unlimited range?

Yes, you can. If you make the seeker have a range of 21*, the seeker will have unlimited traveling range. Damage done at any range past range 20 will be the value listed in the 21st slot. You (and the AI) will only be able to launch the seeker from range up to range 20.

If you apply any mount, the distance from which you can fire the seeker is affected in strange ways. The AI will still only be able to fire it from up to range 20. However, in tactical combat, a human player will be able to manually launch the seeker from any range. [SuicideJunkie]

* Seekers disappear when they travel to a range at which 0 damage is done. To make a seeker have range 21, all of the first 21 values must be non-zero.

3. How can I make a seeking weapon that has firing range that is more limited than its maximum traveling range?

As an example, we shall use a seeker that can only be fired up to range 8, but has a maximum range of 20.

In CompEnhancement.txt, add a mount for seeker weapons that has a -12 range modifier. Set the family requirements to the weapon families of the seeker(s) you wish to have this behavior on. Set the range of those seeker components to 20. Alternatively, you can set the range of the seekers to 21, which will cause them to have an unlimited range (damage at all ranges above 20 will be the damage of the 21st range value). Set the size of these components to 100 times the size you wish them to actually be. For stock game seekers, this would be 5000 kT instead of 50 kT. Set the size modifier of the mount to 1%. This will force the use of the mount on this component.

Now, the weapon will only be able to fire up to range 8, due to the mount. However, the seeker will still travel up to 20 squares, due to the weapon stats. Seeker range is affected bizarrely by mounts. The seeker stats remain as they are in the unmounted components. Only range and actual component attributes (size, cost, hit points) can be affected by the mount.

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